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Stacie & Jordan // Wedding Photography

Jordan and Stacie have been married for just over a year now, but were willing to model for me as I practiced some new poses and lighting techniques. During an actual wedding, there is never time to waste and I don’t want to take up a lot of the bride and grooms time trying something that may or may not turn out.

Lately I’ve been having this feeling that I am growing as a photographer. My portfolio is not the same as it was two years ago – or even one year ago. Which is good. I always want to learn, grown and become better. Jordan and Stacie were a huge help in this processes. Phil and I met them in St. Paul by Rice Park. There were hundreds of spots to photograph in the area which really let me explore and work in new environments. With Phil as my voice activated light stand we set out to capture and create images with a mix of  ambient light and light from a flash. Up to this point, I have mainly photographed with available natural light.

With all that said, I am really happy with how images from this session turned out. Most of these images I believe are best when viewed large – like 30″x40″ large, but for now, here on the blog will do. Enjoy, and thanks to everyone who has helped me become the photographer I am today  and who will keep working with me in the future as I strive to become even better. I cannot say it enough to you – Stacie and Jordan – THANK YOU!



Liz & Rachel (Senior & Sibling Photography)

Liz and Rachel are sisters. Liz and Rachel are HILARIOUS. Smart. Athletic. Beautiful. I laughed during their entire photo session, and then I laughed while editing their photos as well. (Yes, I know, I was home alone and laughing at my computer…) Liz is a senior in high school, while Rachel is already in college at the U of M. Driving to their session, it poured down rain. As soon as we arrived, the clouds broke and left us with beautiful light. Everything about this session was pretty much awesome. :)

Miss Woodbury

This is the first year that Kennedy is participating in the Miss Woodbury program which is apart of the Woodbury Days Festival coming up in August. She needed a photo to submit with her application, so we met up on Friday for a quick mini-session. Isn’t she BEAUTIFUL?! She’s got the personality to match as well.  If you’re in the area on August 27th, stop by King of Kings Lutheran Church in Woodbury at 7pm to support Kennedy and the other contestants. Good luck and have fun Kennedy!

Rachel (Senior Portraits)

After having to reschedule last week due to rain, we had the most perfect day this last Sunday for senior portraits. The sun was soft and made Rachel just radiant. Rachel and her mom took me to a secret garden (aka their neighbors backyard). It was beautiful even as we are headed into fall. We decided that if we had a garden as beautiful as their neighbors we wouldn’t need to take vacations as often; we’d just spend our time in the garden.  We also took some photos at a nearby tennis court since Rachel has been playing since 2nd grade and is now the captain of her schools tennis team! Best of luck to you Rachel in everything you do and have a fantastic senior year!

David (Senior Portraits)

Two hard things to believe here. One being that David is now my brother-in-law. It has only been three months so I’m not quite used to saying that I have in-laws. Second thing that is hard to believe is that David is now a senior in high school. He grew up quick even in the few years that I have known him. We took his photos in his backyard and at a nearby park where David’s brother (my husband) had his senior pictures taken years ago. Have fun your senior year David – just not too much. :)

Emily M [Senior Portraits]

Emily picked out the locations for her senior portraits and did an awesome job! I couldn’t have picked two better spots myself. We went to Bailey’s Arbor and a small Heritage House, both in Woodbury, MN. The Arbor was nestled in a beautiful new neighborhood and the heritage house was on a fairly busy intersection, but you never would have guessed! Emily is a natural beauty. She seriously looks like she just stepped off the pages of a magazine. I could have photographed her all day!

Mr. & Mrs. Schnell [Wedding Photography]

On Friday, Joel and Sue said “I Do”! I met them mid afternoon to do a few shots at the Como Zoo Conservatory. It was beautiful (as always!) and a great alternative to cold and snowy Minnesota February’s. They had a small intimate ceremony in St. Paul with their closes family and friends. After dinner, they threw a big party that everyone enjoyed!
Here are a few of my favorite images from the day:

And YES- She did wear a blue dress on her wedding day!! =)  She totally rocked it and looked absolutely gorgeous in!

Look at the way she is looking at him! Awww! So in love.

This has got to be the greatest cake topper I have seen yet. A bride and groom snowmobiling! AWESOME. They are going snowmobiling for their honeymoon and they’re going to try to recreate this in a photo of them. How great! I added their rings to this image too to give it just a little more personalization.

Seth is nine years old. He wrote this note to Sue and Joel completely on his own. No one told him to write it. Adorable! I wish all 9 year olds were just as cute.

The matron of honor made these boots for herself and the bride. Perfect gift for a winter wedding. Creative and thoughtful.

Congrats Joel and Sue!!!
kelly k.

Twin Cities Marathon 2010 [Sports Photography]

Sunday was probably the perfect day for running a marathon. Sunny, but not too hot. Not like I would really know the ideal weather for running, I am NOT a runner, by any stretch of the imagination. BUT, if I were to run, I would think that Sunday was good weather to run in. It was nice weather to photograph in. :) There’s no way you could ever convince me that running 26.2 miles in a few hours would be fun. But for the 8,212 runners who did finish the 2010 Twin Cities Marathon, I give you props. I am proud. However, it would still be a lie if I said it was inspiring for me, sorry?!

The wheelers were pretty awesome. Here are two of them at the start. I wish I was at the finish when they rolled through. That would have been neat to see, but they were too speedy. I didn’t get to St. Paul quick enough to see them cross the finish line.

I was practicing my panning abilities here. I’m pretty proud of these two shots. Out of the like 20 I took, these are the only two that turned out. I think I need more practice….

Phil noticed this guy in the parking garage shooting with his telephoto. We both agreed he probably had a better angle up there then we did standing down along the street to photograph the start of the marathon. I took a photo of him and then Monday morning I saw what I would assume to be this guys photograph in the Star Tribune paper, and I was right; he captured a great image of the starting line, the mass amount of runners and the morning sunrise.

It’s no wonder that Medtronic sponsored the marathon. They will be the ones helping all these athletes when they need knee and hip replacements late in their life!

Different strokes for different folks.

Congratulations Erika!!!! Completed her first marathon ever in 4 hours and 20 minutes and 9 seconds. I’m proud. :)

St. John the Evangelist

On Sunday I went to St. John the Evangelist Church in St. Paul for a freelance gig. It was an absolutly beautiful church, and I am pretty sure that everyone I made eye contact with smiled at me and many even started a small conversation. It was a very welcoming experience.

I climbed up into the old choir loft for this picture. Once I got up a winding narrow wooden staircase that I was told to watch out for things that might fall from the ceiling, it was a nice view of the sanctuary. As I was setting up my tripod and getting my camera gear out toget this shot, someone started playing the organ for the start of the service and it just about made me jump out of my pants! Those shinny new organ pipes in the picture above did their job!