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Nature Valley Bike Races: Stillwater, MN (Sports Photography)

It was that time of year again, where hundreds of bikers participate in a four day race: Nature Valley Bike Races. They are exhilarating to watch. Two years again, I went and saw the race in Menomonie, WI. Last year I saw them in St. Paul, MN and this year, we watched in Stillwater, MN. Stillwater is where the bikers ride the hills. The smell of burning rubber/brakes were unbelievable as the riders came flying down the big hills. We made it about halfway around the race course before it started down pouring. We called it quits and retreated to the car before our cameras were soaked. Here are a few pictures, and though they each may have 1000 words behind them, I encourage everyone to go see them for yourself next year. Whether you are into bikes or not, it is inspirational and really cool to watch. Enjoy!

Nature Valley

The other weekend I was in  Menomonie, WI when the Nature Valley Bicycle Festival was happening. It was the first year that they came to Menomonie, it was incredible! There were well over 200 men and woman that had already raced in St. Paul, Cannon Falls, and Minneapolis Uptown, before coming to Menomonie on Saturday. On Sunday they were finishing in Stillwater. The professional men’s race was 95 miles and the woman’s race was 76 miles.  There were amateur criterium races as well going on all afternoon. They were all awe inspiring events to watch, even though I came up with a rather extensive list of things I would rather do than sit on a bike seat for nearly four hours! It was cool to hear, feel and see 120 bikers whiz by you in a matter of seconds. I am a fan.