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Lucas & Sarah // Hudson, WI Wedding Photography

Lucas and Sarah tied the knot in one of my favorite places in Hudson – Prospect Park. They planned a simple and beautiful ceremony overlooking the St. Croix River. Some of the trees had already started to change colors which made for the perfect backdrop against the black and white wedding party attire. Sarah was an absolutely stunning bride and the way she looks at Lucas reflects the love they share. Congratulations Lucas and Sarah. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to photograph your wedding ceremony!



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Hudson’s Deep Freeze

Everyone knows it’s been a tough, cold, long winter and we all want summer to come, like yesterday. Instead of being upset about the things we cannot change, I have decided to photograph it. You do have to admit, it is pretty. These shots were taken at both Birkmose and Prospect Park in Hudson. I love the white tree tops and the steam rising from the St. Croix River. I am thankful for a home that keeps me warm and will continue to count my blessings as we all wait for spring to arrive.


Paul & Jocelyn // Wedding Photography

Despite the beautiful sunshine, it was freezing for Paul and Jocelyn’s wedding. Planning for an outdoor ceremony, the couple went back and forth about whether to move the ceremony inside. At the last minute they decided they really wanted to be outside against the beautiful backdrop of the autumn leafs. Their guests bundled up and shared blankets, while the bridesmaids and I wore jackets to keep warm. The ceremony and reception were held at Mount Frontenac Golf Course in Red Wing, MN. After the ceremony, the guest went inside to warm up while the wedding party and I braved the cold a little longer as we rode around course in golf carts capturing some fun images. Paul and Jocelyn both have fun and outgoing personalities. Along with the wedding party, they had me  laughing all day with them. It was a day of true happiness and love. Congrats Paul and Jocelyn!



Marta // Senior Photography

In her own words – Marta is only “kind of” apart of the high school graduating class of 2014 because she is already heading into her second year at Northwestern college taking PSEO classes. Loving college life already, Marta and her mom still joined me for a morning full of adventures, hiking and picture taking. We decided to photograph at Willow River State Park in Hudson for it’s abundance of beautiful scenery and photo opps. The waterfall was a main attraction to the location which the park made us work for. It was about a 3 mile hike to and from the falls. Marta and Carole were troopers during the hike even with detours, large snakes and tiny frogs.

Congratulations Marta. Many blessings on all of your life adventures!

KellyKPhoto_SeniorPhoto-Marta KellyKPhoto_SeniorPhoto-Marta2

Holiday Mini Sessions

Profession & Hobby

I am so blessed to have my profession be my hobby, and my hobby be my profession. I recognize not all people can say that, so I appreciated my job even more. I love that fact that my work hardly feels like work sometimes. Here on my blog, I usually post images from my “profession”, but today, I decided to post a few that I took while being a “hobbiest”. My husband and I spent an afternoon at Willow River State Park in Hudson, WI. As usual, we hiked around with our cameras. Below are shots from both of us. Truth be told – Phil took the shots of the snake. I almost stepped on it, and I will admit, I screamed a little. I backed away and Phil ran towards it with his camera and got some pretty neat shots. I stayed my distance.


All Things Bigger Than I.

I went for a hike with my camera on top Granddad’s bluff to get lost in the beauty of nature and to clear my head a little. As I was reflecting on life and current situation, I started to feel really better after seeing all the living creatures and plants that survive on their own. I started meditating on Luke 12:24:

“Look at the ravens. They don’t plant or harvest or store food in barns, for God feeds them. And you are far more valuable to him than any birds!” (NLT)

I also thought about Luke 5:16:
“But Jesus often withdrew to the wilderness for prayer.” (NTL)

I could see why Jesus often did that. As I was hiking, I really looked at the things I was photographing. All unique. All different. All serving a purpose. I also tried to not just look at nature but to look through nature- to its Creator. It was refreshing. I think everyone should stop and take solitude hikes more often.