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Amanda & Darren // Wedding Photography

Happy first anniversary to Amanda and Darren! Their wedding was the Saturday after all the huge storms in the Twin Cities last year when the power went out for three days in some areas – remember that? When I showed up at the church the morning of their wedding, I was’t even sure if the church was going to have power. Thankfully it did. Not only for the sound system and lights to work during the ceremony, but for the air conditioner – it was HOT outside. Amanda, Darren, and myself would run and do photos outside quick and then run back in to cool down and kept doing this until we got all the photos we wanted. Amanda and Darren were so calm despite the storms and the heat. You didn’t have to be around them long before you knew that their soon-to-be other half was all that they were focusing on that day. The two compliment each other so well and they are full of life and love. The pink bridesmaids dresses, gray tuxes and Amanda’s birdcage veil were a perfect combination for a vintage inspired wedding. Happy Anniversary Darren and Amanda, I hope this is the first of many, many more to to come!

KellyKPhoto_LudtkeWedding1 KellyKPhoto_LudtkeWedding2 KellyKPhoto_LudtkeWedding3

Saly & Misha // Wedding Photography

The Stillwater Historic Courthouse was the perfect backdrop for the gorgeous couple, Saly and Misha. The details of their wedding made me gush. An old car, the champagne colored bridesmaids dresses, Saly’s beautiful jewelry, and the red carpet lined with rose pedals and lanterns were just a few of the wonderful details that really made this wedding elegant and charming. Saly and Misha had a outdoor ceremony at dusk and then the party continued inside with a delicious five course meal (catered by Afro Deli),  traditional exchanging of the rings and lots of dancing. Your wedding was an evening to remember! Best wishes Misha and Saly.

SM_Wedding1 SM_Wedding2 SM_Wedding3

Angie & Will // Wedding Photography

Weddings like Will and Angie’s make me wish that American weddings lasted longer than a day. I could have easily had a good time with this couple and their friends and family for a full week. Everyone was so nice and love and laughter filled the room at Edinburgh in Brooklyn Park, MN. Angie was able to take everything beautiful about fall and bring it indoors for their decorations. It was the best fall themed wedding I have been to so far. Congratulations Angie and Will! Thanks for letting me be apart of your day.

Evans-Wedding_KellyKPhoto_Seq1Evans-Wedding_KellyKPhoto_Seq2 Evans-Wedding_KellyKPhoto_Seq3

Paul & Jocelyn // Wedding Photography

Despite the beautiful sunshine, it was freezing for Paul and Jocelyn’s wedding. Planning for an outdoor ceremony, the couple went back and forth about whether to move the ceremony inside. At the last minute they decided they really wanted to be outside against the beautiful backdrop of the autumn leafs. Their guests bundled up and shared blankets, while the bridesmaids and I wore jackets to keep warm. The ceremony and reception were held at Mount Frontenac Golf Course in Red Wing, MN. After the ceremony, the guest went inside to warm up while the wedding party and I braved the cold a little longer as we rode around course in golf carts capturing some fun images. Paul and Jocelyn both have fun and outgoing personalities. Along with the wedding party, they had me  laughing all day with them. It was a day of true happiness and love. Congrats Paul and Jocelyn!



Stacie & Jordan // Wedding Photography

Jordan and Stacie have been married for just over a year now, but were willing to model for me as I practiced some new poses and lighting techniques. During an actual wedding, there is never time to waste and I don’t want to take up a lot of the bride and grooms time trying something that may or may not turn out.

Lately I’ve been having this feeling that I am growing as a photographer. My portfolio is not the same as it was two years ago – or even one year ago. Which is good. I always want to learn, grown and become better. Jordan and Stacie were a huge help in this processes. Phil and I met them in St. Paul by Rice Park. There were hundreds of spots to photograph in the area which really let me explore and work in new environments. With Phil as my voice activated light stand we set out to capture and create images with a mix of  ambient light and light from a flash. Up to this point, I have mainly photographed with available natural light.

With all that said, I am really happy with how images from this session turned out. Most of these images I believe are best when viewed large – like 30″x40″ large, but for now, here on the blog will do. Enjoy, and thanks to everyone who has helped me become the photographer I am today  and who will keep working with me in the future as I strive to become even better. I cannot say it enough to you – Stacie and Jordan – THANK YOU!



Nicole and Rolando // Wedding Photography

Nicole and Rolando are two of the nicest people I have met, and you only need to take one look at them – looking at each other to know they have found their perfect match. They tied the knot at the Double Tree Inn in St. Louis Park. I loved the classic black tuxes with bow ties and the bridesmaids little black dresses with the pop of white and red that the wedding party had. It was beautiful and elegant. Many blessings on you Nicole and Rolando – here is to years of happiness together!

NR-Wedding_KellyKPhoto1 NR-Wedding_KellyKPhoto2Thanks for letting me be apart of your special day!

Joan & John // Wedding Photography

Joan and John’s wedding was the perfect small wedding. The day was serene with wispy clouds floated peacefully in the blue sky above the back patio over looking the beautiful Saint Croix River in Stillwater, MN. Joan and John were supported by their loving daughters and their husbands. The few hours that I spent with them, there was much laughing and love. It was a privilege and honor to be in the mist of such beautiful love and family.

JJ_Wedding1 JJ_Wedding2 NessWedding5

Tyler and Rachel // Wedding Photography

Truth be told, this was the first winter wedding that I have photographed. At least, the first winter one that there was actually snow on the ground. I wasn’t sure how it would make photographing any different, if at all. I was nervous about the possibilities of a huge snow storm making travel long and scary. I was worried that it was going to be below zero with an impossible windchill (like it is today) that would prevent us from doing photos outside. It turned out that I was worried for no reason (as usual). God had blessed this day in so many ways. The sun was out keeping everyone warm during photos and Rachel and Tyler were so fun to work with that most of the time I forgot I was outside stepping through the snow in the mild winter weather.

The way Rachel and Tyler talk to each other, the way they interact and especially the way they look at one another is evidence of all the love, gentleness and respect they have for each other. The way the two of them met (since Tyler is originally from Washington, and Rachel from Michigan) is nothing short of God’s beautiful timing and planning. The whole wedding day was centered around glorifying Christ and showing their love of Him and of one another. It was a great joy and honor to be apart of something so beautiful.

Congratulations Tyler and Rachel. Many blessings to you as you start this new journey together.

SalveyWedding_KellyKPhoto1 SalveyWedding_KellyKPhoto2

SalveyWedding_KellyKPhoto3 SalveyWedding_KellyKPhoto4


SalveyWedding_KellyKPhoto6-1 SalveyWedding_KellyKPhoto6-2SalveyWedding_KellyKPhoto7 SalveyWedding_KellyKPhoto8

SalveyWedding_KellyKPhoto9 SalveyWedding_KellyKPhoto10

To see more photos from Tyler and Rachel’s wedding, please visit  Kelly K Photo on Facebook.

Jude Parks // 6 Months

Jude is now 6 months old, and as expected he’s still adorable! Jude is proudly sitting up on his own now and will be crawling soon I’m sure. It was apparent, by the lack of his normal heart melting smiles, that Jude was not feeling very well. He did perform for the camera for longer than we thought, but Jude made it obvious when he was done with our tricks, games and attempts at trying to make him smile.

Jude (3 Month Old Photography)

Jude was super adorable for his newborn session, and he just keeps getting cuter! Jude is now 3 months old so we went to a park for a little play date. It was awesome. Cannot wait to see the cuteness that 6 months will bring.


Top 11 of 2011

Looking back on the year 2011, I have many things to be thankful for and proud of. I have learned a lot, personally and professionally. I got married, moved and still continued to run a successful photography business. I could not have done it without the support of my friends, family and all the wonderful people I have met along the way. Here is a list of my top 11 experiences from 2011.

11) Continued health & safety; for myself, friends and family.

10) Having the opportunity to DEVOTE MORE TIME to my business and explore new possibilities.

9) Having an article about Kelly K Photo published in a local paper.

8) Photographing some of my CLOSE FRIENDS and their expanding families.

7) Having the opportunity to EXPERIMENT with a new style of photography -product photography- with Fleurish. Not as easy as it looks!

6) Working with the wonderful staff and volunteers of St. John’s Church for the second year in a row.

5) Having the opportunity to work with OTHER PHOTOGRAPHERS in a studio and photograph hundreds of kids and families.

4) Spending a lot of time with FAMILY & FRIENDS (at the cabin, with the new in-laws, old friends from out of town and new friends in town).

3) Photographing SENIORS; working with young men and women and telling their unique stories and personalities through photos.

2) Photographing WEDDINGS; sharing special days with special people.

1) MARRIAGE; the wedding was good, but the marriage is great!

THANKS to everyone who has helped make 2011 such a successful year! I look forward to more fun and adventures with you in 2012! ~Kelly

Mr. & Mrs. Munsterman [Wedding Photography]

Sam and Cam had a small backyard wedding on Saturday. The rain held off….for the most part. There were only close friends and family at the ceremony and then they went on to a large celebration in the evening. The in-ground trampoline and the red shutter shades were an awesome and unique touch to the day. I was only with them for a few hours, but had a great time. Thanks for letting me share in your big day- congratulations!

Congrats Sam & Cam!

Mr. & Mrs. McCune [Wedding Photography]

Kaitlin and Nick are probably two of the nicest people you could ever meet. They both come from wonderful loving supportive families as well. Everyone was so fun to work with. Kaitlin wanted to follow traditions and not see her groom before the ceremony. I had the opportunity to work with both the bride and groom separately before the ceremony. Butterflies fluttered in both of their stomachs as they were eager and excited to see the love of their lives. It became apparent during the ceremony and continued the rest of the night that they were giddy with love for each other. The whole day was full of abundant love and overflowing joy from everyone who surrounded the couple.

Congratulations Kaitlin and Nick! <><

Claire & Glenn Wilson [Wedding Photography]

I went back to Eau Claire, the city from which I graduated in to photograph Claire and Glenn’s wedding. I drove past my old duplex that I lived in for two of my college years before going to the wedding. I also drove past the University and was glad I was not attending there any more, but was grateful for all that I learned. When we met up with Claire, she was radiant. Her smile lit up the whole church. (Which happens to be the same church that my husband and I photographed our very first wedding together.) It didn’t take long after seeing the bride and groom together to know they are meant to be together. They were so relaxed and obviously in love.
They chose their school colors to be their wedding colors. True UWEC Blugolds!

Congratulations Glenn & Claire! <><

Mr. & Mrs. Hoglund [Wedding Photography]

Kayla and Tait had the most beautiful May day for their wedding; any bride would be jealous. The weather wasn’t the only beautiful part of their day- everything seemed to go according to plan. They honored God in everything they did and it was truly a celebration of two hearts becoming one. Laughter and smiles were abundant as they both beamed with love for each other.

This is seriously so great. Love the zebra carpet we had to work with too! :)Congrats Tait and Kayla!

Mr. & Mrs. Schnell [Wedding Photography]

On Friday, Joel and Sue said “I Do”! I met them mid afternoon to do a few shots at the Como Zoo Conservatory. It was beautiful (as always!) and a great alternative to cold and snowy Minnesota February’s. They had a small intimate ceremony in St. Paul with their closes family and friends. After dinner, they threw a big party that everyone enjoyed!
Here are a few of my favorite images from the day:

And YES- She did wear a blue dress on her wedding day!! =)  She totally rocked it and looked absolutely gorgeous in!

Look at the way she is looking at him! Awww! So in love.

This has got to be the greatest cake topper I have seen yet. A bride and groom snowmobiling! AWESOME. They are going snowmobiling for their honeymoon and they’re going to try to recreate this in a photo of them. How great! I added their rings to this image too to give it just a little more personalization.

Seth is nine years old. He wrote this note to Sue and Joel completely on his own. No one told him to write it. Adorable! I wish all 9 year olds were just as cute.

The matron of honor made these boots for herself and the bride. Perfect gift for a winter wedding. Creative and thoughtful.

Congrats Joel and Sue!!!
kelly k.

Mr. & Mrs. Bouman [Wedding Photography]

Shaina & Eric tied the knot this weekend – finally. ;) It was such a blessing to be apart of their big day. Shaina and Eric are so comfortable with each other, so relaxed and so fun to be around! The couple and the wedding party was every wedding photographer’s dream!

The newlyweds are really supermodels- they just don’t tell many people that. ;)


Too fun!

The attention to details really made this wedding stand out. Every detail was truly phenomenal. Their color scheme was perfect for them as well.


Congratulations Eric and Shaina. God Bless!

Mr. & Mrs. Wilson [Wedding Photography]

Calleigh and I were in a wedding of a mutual friend about a year ago when we met. Since then Calleigh met John and they fell in love! They got married on a Friday night and the black, white and silver wedding was elegant to say the least.