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J&J (Maternity Photography)

I have known Jeri for about 6 years now. We met the same summer she met her husband, Justin. In the six years we’ve known each other, we’ve both graduated from college, transferred jobs, and have moved about 9 times total between the two of us. Jeri and Justin got married and I was a bridesmaid in the wedding. I got married, and Jeri was a bridesmaid for me. Now, Jeri is expecting her first son by the end of May! I could not be more excited for Jeri and Justin. They will be wonderful parents. I had the amazing privileged of taking some maternity photos for them this last Friday. It was a blast. Jeri and Justin are the cutest couple and I love watching how they interact with each other. They just glow with love, joy and respect. Their son will be a very blessed little man.

Family & Farm.

I was invited to the Rude/Bremer family reunion and surprise 80th birthday party for Grandpa. He was surprised alright, but I am sure he secretly loved it. I had to drive out into the middle of nowhere Wisconsin though to find this family. I only sort of got lost getting there, but in my defense, the signs with balloons were misleading. Thankfully I didn’t go too far out of the way. When I finally arrived at the party there was food, live music and kids everywhere! Organized chaos some might call it. ;) Nonetheless, I was able to gather the family together for a few quick shots, then I headed to another farm a few miles away that was having its 100th birthday in June! Below are some of my favorite shots from the trip.

Grandpa celebrating his 80th birthday with his lovely wife, kids, and extended family.

[Part of] the 100 year old barn!


“I’ll take you for a ride on my big green tractor….” -Jason Aldean