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Mr. & Mrs. McCune [Wedding Photography]

Kaitlin and Nick are probably two of the nicest people you could ever meet. They both come from wonderful loving supportive families as well. Everyone was so fun to work with. Kaitlin wanted to follow traditions and not see her groom before the ceremony. I had the opportunity to work with both the bride and groom separately before the ceremony. Butterflies fluttered in both of their stomachs as they were eager and excited to see the love of their lives. It became apparent during the ceremony and continued the rest of the night that they were giddy with love for each other. The whole day was full of abundant love and overflowing joy from everyone who surrounded the couple.

Congratulations Kaitlin and Nick! <><

St. John the Evangelist

On Sunday I went to St. John the Evangelist Church in St. Paul for a freelance gig. It was an absolutly beautiful church, and I am pretty sure that everyone I made eye contact with smiled at me and many even started a small conversation. It was a very welcoming experience.

I climbed up into the old choir loft for this picture. Once I got up a winding narrow wooden staircase that I was told to watch out for things that might fall from the ceiling, it was a nice view of the sanctuary. As I was setting up my tripod and getting my camera gear out toget this shot, someone started playing the organ for the start of the service and it just about made me jump out of my pants! Those shinny new organ pipes in the picture above did their job!