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Toto, We’re Not in [Minnesota] Anymore…

I went on a walk with my camera and my mom through my grandmother’s neighborhood in Arizona. We were definitely not in Minnesota anymore with all the cacti, that I do not know the names for. I found them all to be fascinating. Here are a few images that I really liked. Enjoy. =)

Up In The Air.

I am in Arizona now. Taking a little vacation from work and life. I flew out of Minneapolis with my mom and am staying with my Grandma Jeanne. The trip has been pretty great and relaxing so far. It has been nice to get away from the Wisconsin/Minnesota cold March weather. Today I was given the opportunity of a lifetime, so I knew I had to take it. Yesterday we met up with my grandmother’s and mom’s old neighbors who now live in Arizona as well. The couple has their pilot’s license and their own airplane. They asked if I wanted to go for a spin, and knowing I could not pass the opportunity up, I quickly agreed.  Not only was I able to bring my camera on this adventure, I was able to fly the plane myself! It was a pure adrenaline rush. I enjoyed it a lot. Here are a few shots I captured from the air. I know here the pictures don’t quite do the breathtaking experience much justice, but they definitely capture an angle we don’t see very often.