Independence Day

This 4th of July I got more than I ever expected. I was finally able to be at my family’s cabin with everyone. For the last 5 years I have not been able to be up there for one reason or another, but this year was the year. I experienced a lot of “firsts.” Along with the Danbury fireworks,  I got to see and participate in the Danbury parade. My participation in the parade consisted of a wedding ceremony between “me” and “a person of my chewzin.” The ceremony took place in the middle of the street where I received a weekend marriage license from the “preecher,”  [be sure to read the license, it is highly comical :) ], a bouquet of yellow roses and some “skunk juce”. It was something else….
Thankfully later that weekend, it cleared up enough at night to sneak in some star trail pictures.
Overall, it was a great relaxing weekend.

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