Hudson Hot Air Affair

This year was the 24th anniversary of the Hudson Hot Air Affair. This event starts in January with events all over Hudson. Everything from an art show to geocaching; a trumpeter swan walk to fireworks and concerts. The grand finale is the first weekend in February when 30-40 hot air balloons launch from a local elementary school field. Hundreds gathered at the field to watch the mass assent into the clouds. It was a beautiful production of colors and flame. Until you are standing on the ground next to a balloon as it inflates, it is hard to get a good grasp as to the massive size of the balloons. It was pretty spectacular to watch. Click here to watch a time lapse video of the balloon arriving, inflating and taking off one by one. Mark your calendars now for next years events!

HotAirAffair1 HotAirAffair2

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