Clouds and Canoes II.

Without really realizing it, this last weekend, all I took pictures of were the clouds and my canoe. I am drawn to them. I cannot help it. Both are great things. No Photoshop done on the image above at all (besides adding my watermark…)

Ok, so I guess I also really like trees. Which is probably why I am also using a tree in my photography identity (not my logo, but my business card, and info sheets all incorporate a tree.) The pine tree in the three images above are all the famous Last Pine Standing. Do not be surprised if it keeps showing up in my images and posts. It’s another favorite of mine.

My best friend (Philip) and I also took star trail time lapse pictures this weekend. They turned out great. I am in the process of putting them into a short video clip. It will be posted on a later date for everyone to see. Hold on to your seat. It will be worth the wait. :)

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