The Holidays Will Be Here Soon.

Still need a gift for someone? Give the gift of custom portraits. Kelly K Photo is now offering gift certificates at any dollar amount. The certificate is valid for one full year from purchase date and can be used towards a session fee or products.

Tricks & Treats.

While driving through the middle of no where Wisconsin, we ran into a different type of biker gang. Trick riders in costume. It was very entertaining to watch. Have a safe and fun Halloween everyone!


Profession & Hobby

I am so blessed to have my profession be my hobby, and my hobby be my profession. I recognize not all people can say that, so I appreciated my job even more. I love that fact that my work hardly feels like work sometimes. Here on my blog, I usually post images from my “profession”, but today, I decided to post a few that I took while being a “hobbiest”. My husband and I spent an afternoon at Willow River State Park in Hudson, WI. As usual, we hiked around with our cameras. Below are shots from both of us. Truth be told – Phil took the shots of the snake. I almost stepped on it, and I will admit, I screamed a little. I backed away and Phil ran towards it with his camera and got some pretty neat shots. I stayed my distance.


Newest addition to the Kelly K Photo family!

If you do not know much about photography let alone photography equipment, then I will be ok if you stop reading this post. However, if you want to know how much of a nerd I am, you can keep reading…

I bought myself a much needed gift. It is now my newest addition to the Kelly K Photo “family.” I bought a lighting kit from a super nice guy named Dan. He had purchased basically everything you would ever need for a small studio. It was great, the only problem with it is when he didn’t use it for months, it took up too much room in his apartment. I cannot honestly say I was really looking forward to buying a small studio set up quite yet (backgrounds, posing bench and all) but it was a great deal and will open me up to doing more studio work along with helping me with weddings and other portrait type work.

Here is a small sample of some of the stuff included in the kit:

This is my favorite. I flipped the posing bench over and saw this warning label on it. I had to laugh. Apparently the Chinese to English translator couldn’t find another word for bench besides throne. Ha!

This is my dog Barkley. I think he was getting a little jealous or he just really wanted his picture taken today. He jumped right in front of the camera while I was trying to photograph an umbrella. Of course he wouldn’t leave me alone for awhile, so I snapped a few pictures of him too. Let me know if you are looking for any type of studio portraits or any product shots now. I’ve got all the equipment to do so and I would love an excuse to play with it all!

Kelly K Photo, LLC

When I was in 6th grade we had to pick a job we might be interested in doing some day and do a report on it. I picked to be a photographer. I still have the poster board with a little write up of a photographers duties and a printed picture of a [film] camera. I remember exactly which room in my elementary school I gave a presentation to my classmates and talked about how I thought it would be fun to arrange people in a group based on what color they were wearing (Colors were really the only important thing in 6th grade…).

Thankfully, I’ve learned a lot since then. Since 6th grade I’ve had lots of other career dreams. I’ve wanted my name in the scrolling credits at the end of a Hollywood film (for being a film editor). I’ve thought about becoming a carpenter (so I could do sweet things like they do on Extreme Home Makeover). I’ve thought about going into social work and youth ministries. I’ve had lots of dreams. The one that has been kind of on and off throughout these years has been the dream to become a photographer and run my own studio. Clearly, I have not gotten to the studio stage yet, but being a legal business is getting me on step closer.

It is official- Kelly K Photo is now legally recognized as a business in the state of Minnesota!

I was so excited about this that I framed it within 5 minutes of opening the letter.

Clouds and Canoes II.

Without really realizing it, this last weekend, all I took pictures of were the clouds and my canoe. I am drawn to them. I cannot help it. Both are great things. No Photoshop done on the image above at all (besides adding my watermark…)

Ok, so I guess I also really like trees. Which is probably why I am also using a tree in my photography identity (not my logo, but my business card, and info sheets all incorporate a tree.) The pine tree in the three images above are all the famous Last Pine Standing. Do not be surprised if it keeps showing up in my images and posts. It’s another favorite of mine.

My best friend (Philip) and I also took star trail time lapse pictures this weekend. They turned out great. I am in the process of putting them into a short video clip. It will be posted on a later date for everyone to see. Hold on to your seat. It will be worth the wait. :)

Turkey Trot

Canoes & Clouds.

Last weekend I went on a seventeen mile canoe trip with a few of my closest friends. Despite being in a metal canoe when it started raining, thundering and lightning when we were on the water, and the tornado warning while we were at the camp site afterward, the trip was still adventurous and fun. Here are two images of my favorite things. Canoes & Clouds. Hard to go wrong.

Independence Day

This 4th of July I got more than I ever expected. I was finally able to be at my family’s cabin with everyone. For the last 5 years I have not been able to be up there for one reason or another, but this year was the year. I experienced a lot of “firsts.” Along with the Danbury fireworks,  I got to see and participate in the Danbury parade. My participation in the parade consisted of a wedding ceremony between “me” and “a person of my chewzin.” The ceremony took place in the middle of the street where I received a weekend marriage license from the “preecher,”  [be sure to read the license, it is highly comical :) ], a bouquet of yellow roses and some “skunk juce”. It was something else….
Thankfully later that weekend, it cleared up enough at night to sneak in some star trail pictures.
Overall, it was a great relaxing weekend.

All Things Bigger Than I.

I went for a hike with my camera on top Granddad’s bluff to get lost in the beauty of nature and to clear my head a little. As I was reflecting on life and current situation, I started to feel really better after seeing all the living creatures and plants that survive on their own. I started meditating on Luke 12:24:

“Look at the ravens. They don’t plant or harvest or store food in barns, for God feeds them. And you are far more valuable to him than any birds!” (NLT)

I also thought about Luke 5:16:
“But Jesus often withdrew to the wilderness for prayer.” (NTL)

I could see why Jesus often did that. As I was hiking, I really looked at the things I was photographing. All unique. All different. All serving a purpose. I also tried to not just look at nature but to look through nature- to its Creator. It was refreshing. I think everyone should stop and take solitude hikes more often.

Toto, We’re Not in [Minnesota] Anymore…

I went on a walk with my camera and my mom through my grandmother’s neighborhood in Arizona. We were definitely not in Minnesota anymore with all the cacti, that I do not know the names for. I found them all to be fascinating. Here are a few images that I really liked. Enjoy. =)

Up In The Air.

I am in Arizona now. Taking a little vacation from work and life. I flew out of Minneapolis with my mom and am staying with my Grandma Jeanne. The trip has been pretty great and relaxing so far. It has been nice to get away from the Wisconsin/Minnesota cold March weather. Today I was given the opportunity of a lifetime, so I knew I had to take it. Yesterday we met up with my grandmother’s and mom’s old neighbors who now live in Arizona as well. The couple has their pilot’s license and their own airplane. They asked if I wanted to go for a spin, and knowing I could not pass the opportunity up, I quickly agreed.  Not only was I able to bring my camera on this adventure, I was able to fly the plane myself! It was a pure adrenaline rush. I enjoyed it a lot. Here are a few shots I captured from the air. I know here the pictures don’t quite do the breathtaking experience much justice, but they definitely capture an angle we don’t see very often.