Hudson Hot Air Affair 2014

The Hudson Hot Air Affair is by far my favorite event in Hudson. I had been looking forward to this day since last years launch. If you don’t remember last years launch, you can check it out here.  40 hot air balloons launch from one field and it is simply spectacular to watch. There is something about these HUGE balloons, the bright beautiful colors and massive flames that really get me excited. As expected for this winter, it was cold, overcast and slightly snowing, but I loved every minute of it! Maybe someday I will be able to go up in one of the balloons.



Hudson’s Deep Freeze

Everyone knows it’s been a tough, cold, long winter and we all want summer to come, like yesterday. Instead of being upset about the things we cannot change, I have decided to photograph it. You do have to admit, it is pretty. These shots were taken at both Birkmose and Prospect Park in Hudson. I love the white tree tops and the steam rising from the St. Croix River. I am thankful for a home that keeps me warm and will continue to count my blessings as we all wait for spring to arrive.


Kelly K Photo Joins Hudson Area Chamber of Commerce


Kelly K Photo is now officially apart of the Hudson Area Chamber or Commerce! Yesterday the Chamber held a ribbon cutting for Kelly K Photo as a welcome into the Chamber. Kelly K Photo was supported by many business owners/employees in the community. I’m very excited to see where all of these opportunities will take us in the future.


DSC_1393-BlogThanks to everyone who came for your support!


Hudson Hot Air Affair

This year was the 24th anniversary of the Hudson Hot Air Affair. This event starts in January with events all over Hudson. Everything from an art show to geocaching; a trumpeter swan walk to fireworks and concerts. The grand finale is the first weekend in February when 30-40 hot air balloons launch from a local elementary school field. Hundreds gathered at the field to watch the mass assent into the clouds. It was a beautiful production of colors and flame. Until you are standing on the ground next to a balloon as it inflates, it is hard to get a good grasp as to the massive size of the balloons. It was pretty spectacular to watch. Click here to watch a time lapse video of the balloon arriving, inflating and taking off one by one. Mark your calendars now for next years events!

HotAirAffair1 HotAirAffair2

Remember to check out the time lapse video on our Facebook page!

Settling Down.

Kelly K Photo has moved, again. This is the 4th time in 4 years, HOWEVER, this time will be the last time for a long while now.
My husband and I bought our first home in Hudson, Wisconsin, so we’ve moved 30 minutes west from where we were in New Richmond, WI. We are trying to settle down and plant some roots in one place instead of being slightly nomadic.

In our house, I have my space for my own office and viewing room, which I am totally excited about. It’s been a long time waiting for this and now it is here! :) Couldn’t be happier to start offering consultations and viewing/ordering appointments in my own office. I’m excited for all the new possibilities now available and to see how my photography business will grow and expand.

Here is a photo of us in front of our home. I’ll post more photos of my office once it is a little more put together. Also, come back soon to see my sale on all sessions!



One year. A great, wonderful and happy one year has already gone by since I stood in front of family and friends and committed my life to my best friend. I hope and pray that our one year now turns into one hundred and one more years together (well maybe not that many, we’d be really old by then, but you get my point..) I love you Philip.

We also feel very blessed to have had Emily Griffith take our wedding photos. Thank you Emily!

Top 11 of 2011

Looking back on the year 2011, I have many things to be thankful for and proud of. I have learned a lot, personally and professionally. I got married, moved and still continued to run a successful photography business. I could not have done it without the support of my friends, family and all the wonderful people I have met along the way. Here is a list of my top 11 experiences from 2011.

11) Continued health & safety; for myself, friends and family.

10) Having the opportunity to DEVOTE MORE TIME to my business and explore new possibilities.

9) Having an article about Kelly K Photo published in a local paper.

8) Photographing some of my CLOSE FRIENDS and their expanding families.

7) Having the opportunity to EXPERIMENT with a new style of photography -product photography- with Fleurish. Not as easy as it looks!

6) Working with the wonderful staff and volunteers of St. John’s Church for the second year in a row.

5) Having the opportunity to work with OTHER PHOTOGRAPHERS in a studio and photograph hundreds of kids and families.

4) Spending a lot of time with FAMILY & FRIENDS (at the cabin, with the new in-laws, old friends from out of town and new friends in town).

3) Photographing SENIORS; working with young men and women and telling their unique stories and personalities through photos.

2) Photographing WEDDINGS; sharing special days with special people.

1) MARRIAGE; the wedding was good, but the marriage is great!

THANKS to everyone who has helped make 2011 such a successful year! I look forward to more fun and adventures with you in 2012! ~Kelly

Honey and the Moon

Back in December I wrote a post about becoming engaged to the man of my dreams. Well six months has come and past and we are now officially married!! We had a beautiful but unique wedding at The Woods Chapel. It started raining during the middle of our ceremony, and not just little rain drops. My wedding dress was pretty wet and getting really muddy. Then the thunder came. Thankfully, there was an indoor chapel as well on the same grounds so we had everyone stand up and move inside where we continued with the rest of the ceremony. It will be a part of the day we will never forget! Our reception consisted of playing games in our church gym and taking gobs and gobs of pictures with our photographer Emily Griffith, as well as having some taken in a photobooth we rented. It was pretty spectacular. There was not one part of the day that I would change if I could.

The Monday following our wedding we boarded a plane and headed for Colorado for our honeymoon. We stayed at a resort and spent the week adventuring. We went on a high country jeep ride, went to a state park, spent an afternoon white water rafting and spent an evening in Telluride. We stuffed ourselves silly with delicious food all week long and finished up the week with a mine tour, and a fantastic couples massage. It was defiantly hard to come back to Minnesota after a week of sunshine, 80 degree weather with hardly any humidity. Here are just a few image from the trip.